The Weekly Planets and Stars

By LJ Innes

Another New Year, Another New Beginning

We tend to make our New Year’s Resolutions, of course, on New Year’s, but sometimes the follow-through on those resolutions isn’t always supported by the universe.  Sure you can make anything happen at any time, but some of us, like me, need a little extra push to stick with things.  When Mercury sextiled Saturn on the 7th, we had another chance to make resolutions, this time with a better chance of making them stick.  We often have several things on our minds at once and a lot of resolutions we’d like to make, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, you want to stay focused so you can see a plan through to the end.  Having too many goals at once leaves you a little time for some and a lot of time for none.  Everything has a time and a place.  Astrology gives you windows when endeavors can be started more successfully than others, which leads me to the coming week.  (Read more about the week ahead …)

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