The Meaning of an Eagle Sighting

by LJ Innes


Our Connection to the Great Spirit

In many Native American cultures, the eagle is the King of the Sky. He also travels effortlessly between land and sky, soaring high above the clouds. He creates a seamless and direct pathway between us in the physical world and the Great Spirit (God, the Universe, or Source). So what does it mean when you see an eagle in the sky? Let’s dive deep into eagle symbolism!

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Symbolically, the eagle rides on the winds of change, telling us that it’s time to gather all of our strength, courage, patience, and wisdom in preparation for life changes and transformations. He tells us to be courageous and to reach beyond previous limits. He challenges us to match his great vision (the eagle eye) and see objectives clearly from all sides. And, he reminds us that when change is imminent there are only two choices: to be the eagle or become its prey. In other words, adapt to change or let it consume you.

The Messenger    

The eagle is a messenger, delivering messages to and from Spirit. So while the meaning of an eagle sighting may be a message to you, it may also be an affirmation. Do you ever ask for a sign that your prayers and wishes have been heard? An eagle sighting is a confirmation that they have. If you have asked for spiritual guidance, [keep reading]

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