Why Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work for You?


5 Ways to Make the Law of Attraction Work

The Law of Attraction is the belief that we can attract to our lives whatever we focus on. This means that positive thoughts and words bring positive experiences, while negative thoughts and words bring negative experiences. Sounds simple enough—as long as you aren’t harboring disbelief. For example, let’s say you want to become a millionaire. It’s possible, but if you have an ounce of disbelief in the back of your head it’s not going to happen.

Have you tried to use the Law of Attraction to manifest something you really wanted? Did it work? If it didn’t, you may be wondering why. And if you want to take another stab at it, I’ll show you how.

The Power of Thoughts, Words, and Intentions

Simply put, our thoughts create our reality, but it takes more than just thinking—it takes belief. No matter how hard you struggle to attain your ideal job, romance or bank account, if you don’t really believe it can happen, then it won’t. For instance, if you really want to meet someone who is ready for a serious relationship, but in the back of your head you’re convinced that your choices are limited or that no such person exists, then you’ll have a hard time finding that serious relationship. And even if you’re lucky enough to meet someone who is ready for a relationship, but you still don’t believe it will last, then it probably won’t.

Making the Energetic Shift From Negative to Positive

According to livealifeyoulove.com, “If your energy shifts your reality shifts. It really is that simple.” Now you know how powerful your thoughts and words can be and now you know that the Universe is truly listening to what you’re focused on so it can provide you with more of the same. If you’d like to change your thoughts so the Universe will bring you what you actually want, then take a look at these five ways to make the Law of Attraction work for you:

1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
What currently exists in your life that you can be grateful for? Having food on your table, having a roof over your head, having people that love you in your life—these are all great  …  [keep reading]

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