Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope

solar-eclipse-459078_640Eclipses bring changes, surprises and shifts in life.  So, even though it’s not fully up and running-ready, I’ve decided that my shift would include finally getting my personal website up and to start posting on it.  It’s been sitting dormant for years … yes, years while I found the time to put it together, but then I realized … no one is every really fully prepared when they start something new.  There’s always a learning curve  beyond what you already know.  If I put it out there, then that would be the catalyst to make me find time to work on the next phase of entrepreneurialism.

This blog will stay as a connection to all of my published, professional articles (the ones I write for others) and my website will be more of my own personal writings, photos and lots more which is in the plan.  I’ll finally get a chance to expound on my love of the normal and paranormal – the natural and the supernatural.

While LJINNES.COM will be more dedicated to spiritual and spirited pursuits, I’ll still occasionally write about my astrological interests as well – the Solar Eclipse being one of them.

I hope you’ll stop by my “new” site to get Your Solar Eclipse Horoscope and that you’ll continue to follow me on LJINNES.COM via WordPress or Twitter.  Thanks to all of my wonderful friends on WP – the writers, the photographers, the poets, the travelers, the foodies – I love reading your blogs and being inspired.  I hope you’ll find my website inspiring too (as it grows) (so forgive the appearence, it’s technically under construction still).   Enjoy your horoscope.



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