The Meaning of a Dolphin Sighting


A Bit of Confidence, Kindness, and Kidding Around

If you’ve had a dolphin sighting, you can probably recall the rush of that “awe-of-nature” feeling that first came over you. The meaning of a dolphin sighting goes as far and deep as the oceans they travel, and it’s most definitely a spiritual experience.

Chances are that at some time in your life you found yourself fascinated by the dolphin. Perhaps you heard of dolphins aiding beached whales or the dolphins who may have saved someone by keeping sharks at bay. Perhaps, like many of us, you’re familiar with the 70s television show, Flipper, that was all about the friendship between a boy and a dolphin. Flipper saved people in peril as well, no matter whether they were good or bad. Dolphins are both brave and heroic yet they can be extremely gentle and kind as well as show empathy for others. They use their intuitiveness as much as their intellect and like us, they’re just as much spiritual beings as beings made of flesh and bone.

Graceful, Skilled, and Social

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a dolphin sighting, then one of the first things you probably noticed about a dolphin is its playfulness—swimming alongside a fast-moving boat or simply spending quality time with others in a lagoon. You get the idea pretty quickly that they are not only skillful but graceful, … [keep reading]

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