Build Your Bucket List With Astrology


Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Everyone knows what a bucket list is—a list of things you’d like to accomplish and experience in your lifetime. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane or writing the great American novel, you probably have a list of things in mind. However, there are a few things you probably haven’t thought about and that’s because you haven’t thought about the role astrology can play. If you want to create the ultimate bucket list, you’ll need to consult your sun sign. So let’s take a look at what your astrology has to say about your bucket list!  [click to keep reading]

“…Have you ever pictured yourself underwater in a cage inches away from a toothy shark?”

“…You may want to consider writing an etiquette book for modern times.”

Click Here and see what you might want to add to your bucket list based on your sun sign.

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