Your July 2017 Love Horoscope

By LJ Innes


A Little Heat and Spice to Add to Your Romantic Life

In your July 2017 Love Horoscope, there will be many opportunities to turn up the heat. This is especially true mid-month when Leo energy takes center stage. This kind of sexy energy can make your mid-summer boil over with excitement. In any case, July is all about opportunities to shake things up a bit if you desire. Or, you can leave things status quo if that’s the way you want to go. But opportunity wasted is opportunity lost—at least until the next chance comes around.

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Some of the hottest days to circle on your July 2017 Love Horoscope calendar are:

  1. The 14th when amorous Mercury in Leo will be at an angle to expansive Jupiter in partnership-loving Libra.
  2. The 18th when Venus in Gemini forms a lovely angle to lucky Jupiter. It’s a wonderful day for singles and those in a relationship to have a date night.
  3. The 19th when Mercury and Saturn make promises easy to make and keep.
  4. The 20th to the 24th is also a great time to heat things up. Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the New Moon are all in that tempting sign of Leo.

Here is your July 2017 Love Horoscope! [Click here to read the Love Horoscope for all 12 signs.]

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