Give Yourself the Gift of Closure

dysfunctional-relationships_20170830_600x320 closure


…How to Give Yourself the Gift of Closure

1. Take Time to Grieve
Whether it’s a person you lose through death, a relationship that’s over or even a lost job, no one is denying that there is a void where none was before. In fact, this process is a necessary step in healing, but it becomes unhealthy if you stay in that place too long. Let go.

2. Honor What Was Once There
Give your situation a little “funeral” to put it to rest. Write down the name of your lover or your boss (or whatever or whoever let you go) on a piece of paper and have a burning ceremony.  Wish them well, thank them for the lesson/the journey and announce that you are ready for the next phase of your life. Burning that paper will give you a sense of closure to the subject. However, burning a paper with someone’s name on it while saying, “Burn in hell,” is not closure—it’s just mean. … [click to keep reading]

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