The Weekly Planets and Stars

The Weekly Planets and Stars

By LJ Innes

We start the week off on Monday with the first New Moon in Aquarius, which is the start of the Chinese New Year.

The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, which is based on a lunar calendar, are represented by animals.  Each New Year begins on the date of the first New Moon in Aquarius.  That New Moon date for this year, 2012, is January 23, and it is the Year of the Water Dragon.  The year is 4710.

There are, of course, other important transits affecting us this week, so let’s take a look at the whole picture.

Monday, January 23

New Moon in Aquarius – Chinese New Year

It is the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon.  Bring in the New Year with a bang.  You’ll be happy to know that your resolutions have a better chance of sticking now more than ever.  New Moons symbolize new beginnings.  And of course, it is a New Year after all.

Mars retrogrades in Virgo:  It’s time to go over plans you’ve already started, and not time to start new projects.  Mars will be in retrograde until mid-April, at which time your plans will be well thought over and ready for presentation to the world.

Mercury trines Mars:  Mercury in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo, making it easy to get your point across with little effort.  Mercury is the planet of communication and being in Capricorn sets your communications on point.

Thursday, January 26

Mercury squares Saturn:  Mercury in go-getter Capricorn square … (read more)

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