How a Meltdown is Key to Your Transformation

By LJ Innes

From Meltdown to Breakthrough

Are you about to go nuclear? Does the slightest thing set you off? If your mercury is about to pop, you may be on your way to a meltdown. You’d probably like to avoid hitting rock bottom, but like the mythical phoenix that plunged down into the fire, only to be reborn and rise from the ashes, I believe humans can be quite resilient. I believe a meltdown can be the key to transformation and here’s why.


We live in an age where information, energy and communications swirl around us at lightning speeds, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Before we’ve even had time to process one thing, in comes the next. We take it all in, but barely have time to process what’s happening. When emotions get too much to bury, they spill over like a loaded garbage can or they simply burst from all the pressure. This can cause not only emotional strain, but physical pain; sometimes both.

Meltdowns can happen to anyone at any time for any number of reasons. They affect not only the person experiencing the meltdown, but everyone around them. It is then that we experience a moment of clarity when we realize this isn’t who we are or who we want to be. We realize that we are bigger and … (read more)

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