Numerology: The Magic and Mystery of 818

numerology 818Numerology and the Value of 818

Discovering the magic and mystery surrounding numbers and numerology is like learning a new language that also expands your consciousness. Numerology provides awareness, like decoding a dream or lifting a veil. In this article we will explore the meanings behind the number 818.

The Meaning Behind Letters

In numerology, letters are equated with numbers. This means there is meaning behind each of our names and even the words we speak. Meaning can be derived from a whole name, and meaning can also be discovered by separating the vowels from the consonants. Therefore when I look at the number 818, my first inclination is to deconstruct it or separate the components.

A Little Addition

In numerology, each number first stands on its own merit. Individually, the numbers 8 and 1 have their own special meaning. The number 8 is the symbol of Karma and compassion, giving and receiving. The number 1 symbolizes insight, inspiration and creation. So, when we look at the number 818, we would first add the individual numbers and continue until that number is reduced to its simplest form—a single digit. So if we add up the numbers 8, 1 and 8, they equal 17. When we add 1 and 7, they equal the number 8, making 8 the numerological value of 818.

The Number 8: Symbolism, Numerology and Tarot

Symbolically, the number 8 is significant. It has an equal shape both at the top and bottom. That is why some call the number 8, “the great equalizer.” A translation of an ancient Hermetic text reads: “That which is Below corresponds to … [click here to keep reading]

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Rejoining the Workforce After a Layoff

rejoin workforceBouncing Back After a Layoff

It’s hard to get back on your feet after a punch in the gut. Similarly, it can be difficult to feel like you’re ready to bounce back and rejoin the workforce after a layoff, especially if it’s been a few months or more. That’s because after a layoff there are many emotions and adjustments to deal with, and you can expect much of the same when you reenter the working world. However, there are a few things you can do to make the transition from layoff to reemployment smoother.


Aside from the few “free-pass” days you might allow yourself following a layoff, you should try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Wake up and go to sleep at the same times you did while working. Keep working out. If you had to dump the gym membership, start taking walks or try playing basketball. If you’ve never worked out, then now would be an ideal time to fit that into your schedule so it becomes part of your routine. Keep up on the latest job-related technology (software/hardware) and industry practices. These are constantly changing and evolving elements of almost any field, so you don’t want to fall behind. Keep in touch with your personal and professional contacts and let them know you’re looking for employment. Be sure to expand your reach, even if you’ve decided to take the entrepreneurial route.

The Differences and Perks 

Be aware that even while trying to keep your life as “normal” as possible, there will still be some obvious … [keep reading]

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Your August Money Horoscope: The Luckiest Day of the Year

august money horoscopeYour Money Horoscope Wants You to Have Fun and Take Chances

August 26 is not only the luckiest day of your August Money Horoscope, but it’s also the luckiest day of the year when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. It’s a great day for having fun and taking chances, such as playing the lottery or dropping some spare change into a slot machine.

Fanning the Fire

Fire is the driving astrological force this month, making your August Money Horoscope as hot as the summer sun. With Mars entering Leo on the 8th as well as the Leo New Moon on the 14th, many of you will feel the push towards doing your own thing, making your mark, and cashing in. Before Mercury moves out of Leo on the 7th, it taps the energy of expansive Jupiter, adding luck to your burning desire to increase your financial stability.


Although most of the August heat is focused on your love life and boosting your self-confidence, it’s also a great time to clean up your finances in order to get ready for unexpected … [Click Here to Read More …]

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3 Clues That You’re Single Because You’re Independent

too_independent_20150730_300Are You too Independent for Love?

Being in relationships can be a wonderful thing for some; for others it’s not at the top of their priority list. But if you’re looking for love and having difficulty finding it, it could be that you’re giving off the vibe that you’re too independent for a relationship, and you may not even realize it. And how is anyone to know which person you are—the one looking for love or the one who’s just fine on their own? You’ve got to let people know, because most people don’t read minds.

The best way to fix something is to find out why it’s not working in the first place. So, here are three clues that your independence may be killing your chances of finding love and having that great relationship. I’ve also included three ways to bust that dam wide open and start flooding your calendar with dates.  [READ MORE…]

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The Perks of Not Living Together

not togetherAre You Thinking About Living Together?

It’s true that nothing kills romance like reality. That’s why when trying to assess the perks of being in a relationship but not living together, the first thing that came to mind was the word “mystery.”

Perk No. 1: Keeping Romance Alive

Having an air of mystery around you is always part of the romance game. If you’re not living together, he’ll never know if you left the blow dryer plugged in after using it, or if your bedroom looks like a tornado went through it just because you couldn’t decide what to wear, or that you dropped makeup on the floor but didn’t have time to clean it up. And she’ll never know if you’re always this neat or you just shoved all your stuff under the couch before she came over, or if you typically leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.

When you’re in a good relationship, all you want to do is get more of a good thing. You want to make plans and spend as much time together as possible. Sometimes you want to … [Read More]

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