5 Things Men Should Handle On Their Own

women_wish_man_20150616_300Little Things Men Should Do That Mean A Lot

There’s an old saying that goes, “A man can work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” No doubt it was penned by a woman, but who better to know all the little things women do that sometimes get taken for granted. And no doubt at one time or another we’ve all heard women lament about the things they wish men could handle on their own but don’t.

Let’s Take a Poll

I didn’t want to be biased in my research on this topic by relying on my own experiences or asking only women what they wish their men could handle on their own, so I asked men as well. Almost as expected, women came up with examples immediately, and even though I only asked for one example per person, women were often anxious to offer more. Then I asked men what they thought were things they could handle on their own but just don’t. Men were a little slower on the draw. Perhaps it was a stretch for men to view things from a woman’s perspective, but most pulled through and might I add, some even showed a hint of acknowledgement and even gratitude.

The Top 5 Hit List

Maybe some of these sound petty, but I picked the things that women wish men could handle on their own. These are the things men do over and over again and are therefore the most exasperating. Listen up men, because here’s what’s … [click here to read more]

How to Handle the Know-It-All In Your Life

know_it_all_20150611_300Anatomy of a Know-It-All

An online dictionary defines a know-it-all as, “a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others.” And just about every know-it-all chooses a smart-ass delivery for their message. It’s as if they sense that their knowledge would be accepted better if delivered in a joking manner.

Witty Repartee

Not only does the smart-ass know-it-all want you to believe they’re the only one who is right, they’d also like everyone else to feel stupid. (Isn’t that special?) Therefore, most know-it-alls come equipped with the gift of “witty repartee,” also known as a smart-ass comeback to any argument, rebuttal or challenge to their insight.

Control Freaks

Know-it-alls are basically control freaks who can’t be controlled. You can’t really beat them at their own game, so as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Handle the know-it-all in your life by doing exactly what they would do to counteract snarky, know-it-all sarcasm aimed at them:

Suggestion No. 1: Laugh

As mentioned earlier, know-it-alls can be dismissive and what better way to dismiss someone then to laugh in their face. By doing this you’re basically scoffing at … [keep reading]

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Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

mercuryMercury Retrograde: Rethink, Review, Reevaluate

Mercury Retrograde is here to stay for the next three weeks.  Plan, plot and ponder but don’t pounce until it’s over.

In 2015 we will experience three Mercury retrogrades, all in air signs, and those signs will feel them the most. The next (and second) Mercury retrograde of this year will occur between May 18 and June 11 in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury, making this retrograde especially strong for everyone. All of the common caveats should apply regarding maintaining mechanical items, postponing big-ticket purchases and avoiding possible mishaps in communication. As you may already know, this is not the time to initiate a project or enter into an agreement. Instead, focus on all of the words that begin with “re”—rethink assumptions, review past agreements and reevaluate recent decisions.

Mercury retrograde will affect each sun sign in a different area of life, so let’s see what your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope has to say about your sun sign:  [click here to keep reading …]

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6 Foods That Fight Stress

food_20150415_300Can You Eat Your Way to a Stress-Free Life?

We’ve all heard the phrase comfort food.” It’s the food we turn to when we are sad or stressed. I’m sure you have your favorites! But while this food may be comforting in the moment, it isn’t the best choice for long-term mental, emotional and physical health.

Here’s a list of six amazing foods that fight stress. There’s something for everyone on it, whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, living the low-carb lifestyle or following another eating plan. If you incorporate one or all of these foods into your diet, you’ll help your body fight stress and feel better.

Dark Chocolate

According to Reader’s Digest, dark chocolate is “the most potent endorphin-producing food on earth,” and it contains more than 300 different compounds that both calm and slightly stimulate the brain. It’s packed with stress-fighting, mood-boosting properties. Look for chocolate that contains at least 70% (or more) cocoa to reap the benefits.

Nuts and Seeds

Packed with protein and heart-healthy Omega-3s, nuts satisfy that craving for something crunchy. They also contain healthy fats that help … [keep reading]

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How to Handle Money Stress in Your Relationship

money_stress_relationships_300Don’t Let Money Come Between You and Your Partner!

Is it any wonder that money is considered one of the top stressors in relationships? Money touches everything in our lives—what we eat, what we drive, where we live, and how we live in general. Stress works in much the same way—no matter where it strikes us, it always seems to spread out and touch everything else in our lives as well. But when it comes to stress in your relationship, it’s very likely to be about how one of you is, or isn’t, handling money, and it can be a deal breaker.

Honesty is Key 

The best way to handle money stress in a relationship is to be honest with yourself and your spouse or significant other. A survey of couples suffering from money stress revealed a somewhat strange confirmation that opposites do attract: In over 50% of cases, one was a spender and one was a saver. But not being on the same page financially can really put stress on your blissful existence. So whether you’ve been … [click here to keep reading …]

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