Full Moon

Though the Moon is currently full (just turned) the first full day is tomorrow.  The Moon is big and bright in the sky – a seriously beautiful sight to behold. 

Thursday – March 8

Full Moon in Virgo – The energy of the coming  Earthly Trine is actually intensified by the bright Full Moon in Virgo.   You may have been formulating a plan of action since the New Moon last month,  and now would be a great time to pull it all together.  Virgo’s influence  suggests that this plan may be related to work or fitness, both of which Virgo  rules.  Start that fitness plan, and it will stick.  If your focus is  on work, perhaps you’ll get your resume out to that dream job you’ve been  eyeing.

If your focus is on changing jobs, just remember that Mercury goes retrograde  next week and will remain in “backwards motion” until April 4.  It’s okay  if you’ve started your job-related initiations before the retrograde, but just  keep in mind that communications (which Mercury rules) will be slowed, paperwork  can get delayed, emails can get lost.  Go on that interview, but wait until  a few days after April 4 to sign on the dotted line, or you may be renegotiating  your contract later.

Remember: Next Monday – March 12 – Mercury Retrogrades and Jupiter  Trines Pluto (a great day for finalizing your new financial plan – just don’t  sign the paperwork until after April 4).

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