First Date Ideas by Zodiac Sign

By LJ Innes

Achieve Dating Success With Astrology

It’s always fun and exciting to meet someone new and to go out on that first date. If your date-to-be was savvy and smart and asked what your birthday or Sun sign was, give them extra points. It shows they have a real interest in what makes you tick, and what kind of activities you might enjoy.

Here are some clues on how to amaze that Aries, get chatty with that Gemini. Show your date that you’ve been doing your homework and win that second date.

Aries: Take Aries to a Broadway show with bonus backstage access to meet the stars, or an outdoor sporting event where they can shine. Aries are magnetic, energetic and make dating fun. Awesome!

Taurus: Ruled by Venus, Taurus loves the little luxuries of life, especially a great meal. Take them out to a relaxing evening for two. Follow dinner with a movie where you can sit close. Cozy!

Gemini: Witty Gemini loves communication in any form. They also like to learn. Whisk them off to the latest exhibit at that great museum you just read about. Later, chat about your day over coffee while holding hands across the table. Magic!

Cancer: Show Cancer that you have a romantic side. Any place that’s quaint and quiet with a touch of candlelight will make the moonchild beam. It just might get you one of those famous Cancerian hugs. Bliss!

Leo: Impress your royal date with an elegant dinner, a touch of romance, and tons of attention, and they’ll scratch your back in return. Purr!

Virgo: Body conscious Virgo would love a bike ride or a Pilate’s class. Showing your physical side will wet their appetite for love. Later, share the kitchen and whip up a healthy meal together. Yummy!

Libra: Make Libra happy with a balance of fun and sophistication. Make an entrance at a classy club, walking arm-in-arm, and show everyone what a power couple you two make. Yin and Yang!

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” – Lalita ext. 5408

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