Monthly Money Horoscope


For those of you who have been wondering if I’m still writing the monthly money (and love) horoscopes for the CaliforniaPsychics blog – the short answer is yes.  However, the content is no longer on the blog, but it is part of the site’s permanent content.  Here’s a link to April’s Money Horoscopes for each sign.

Also, the Monthly Love Horoscope is now known as simply the “Monthly Horoscope” – probably because the majority of all who seek the wisdom of the zodiac are interested in the subject of love …

Next month, I’ll more than likely post individual links to each sign’s horoscopes, or I just might give general links as above and just post direct links to the signs that have birthdays in those months – I haven’t quite decided yet, so that remains to be seen.  As a matter of fact, let me here from you.  Which would you prefer – a link to each sign’s horoscope or just a general link to all signs?

I continue to write for the CP blog, and will continue to post those articles here with direct links to each article.  It’s been a blessing to have been afforded the opportunity to write for CP for so many years – not only horoscopes, but many other subjects such as self-improvement, self-empowerment as well as many other spiritually-based articles.  I am also blessed to have so many wonderful followers who to encourage me and who absolutely take part in this success.  Thank you so much.





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