9 Exercises That Heal a Broken Heart

By: LJ Innes


Your Sensitive Heart

Heartbreak can come from loss, separation, disagreements, hurt, death or just a plain old breakup. It’s not an easy subject to talk about, and we’ve all experienced it at one time or another. Although extremely strong, our hearts are also incredibly sensitive, and that’s why you need to learn these powerful exercises to heal a broken heart.

To quote a wise psychic, “The mind knows what it should do, but the heart wants what it wants.” That’s why these nine powerful exercises take a two-pronged approach to healing—they heal the logical side and the energetic side. You’re about to get some advice that covers it all and translates into powerful exercises that can heal a broken heart. Get back to the place where you can both give and receive love again!

First, the logical side of healing a broken heart:

1. Let Yourself Grieve, but Not for too Long
Yes, grieving a relationship and nurturing a broken heart are healthy things to do, but it’s not healthy to do them for too long. Let yourself grieve for a healthy amount of time and engage in self-care rituals. Then move on. You don’t want to carry this baggage into a new relationship.

2. Make a Clean Break
Though you may want to stay friends with your ex or maintain a relationship with his/her friends, you’ll never heal your broken heart if you maintain a connection to them. And if you and your ex maintain the physical end of your relationship while being disconnected emotionally, you’ll [read more …]

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