Visit my photo blog … but before you go, enjoy some of my shots below:




Taking photos is my Zen.  When I’m having a creative block, when I feel like I could use some inspiration, or just when I need to get out and feel the Sun and clear my head, I always take my camera(s) along.  Capturing things of beauty, moments in time, or things that may even be gone tomorrow gives you that clarity that every moment counts, and it reminds you to take nothing for granted.

As I go back and look at my photos, I can remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and with whom right at that very moment.  It’s a wonderful way to relive places you’ve traveled and the memories you’ve made.  Nothing else I know of does that quite the way photos do.

Take a peek at my photo blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

11 thoughts on “Photography

    • Thank you, so do you. I love your blog, your beautiful photos and “the girls” – funny, my roomate’s dog keeps reminding me every day how simple and good life can be – it’s all good, right? Your drawings are equisite as well. Look forward to seeing more on your blog. 🙂

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