Blood Moon, Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse

A Spotlight on Life Changes

To get an idea of why this January 31 total lunar eclipse is so rare and why we should all pay attention to it, it’s important to get a perspective on its astrological and astronomical significance. In other words, let’s get geeky about it for a minute!

Generally speaking, eclipses are life-altering events for us that touch whatever part of life or astrological house they occur in. They propel us to the next phase of life—one that’s in our highest and best good. Every year we experience an average of four eclipses, both lunar and solar. However, there are times when we experience more. In 2018, we will have five eclipses altogether.

Eclipse Families

Eclipses happen in “families.” They come in pairs that are six months apart from each other on the horoscope wheel. Four of this year’s eclipses happen in the Leo-Aquarius family and one will start in the Cancer-Capricorn family. A family of eclipses will keep occurring every five and one-half months for a length of 18 to 24 months. Then the next set (or family) begins.

There are typically two families of eclipses in a year’s period, such as this year’s Leo-Aquarius [keep reading ….]



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