Your July Money Horoscope: Going with the Cosmic Flow


Your July Money Horoscope promises an interesting month of Mercury and Venus alignments, especially during the week of the Fourth of July, and the new Moon in Cancer. While most people will be taking time away from work for at least a day or two, the astrological alignments of that week are conducive to getting busy and promoting yourself, especially if you’re in a creative or artistic field of work. The best day of that week is 9th when the Sun in Cancer forms a wonderful angle to gift-giving Jupiter in Virgo—a day when luck seems to shine on all of us.

However, during the week of the full Moon in Capricorn, the same week the Sun turns to Leo, the overall atmosphere as far as money and career go, points to a week of unpredictable energies and unstable cosmic currents. It is not the week to take too many chances in the professional realm. Stick to the tried and true during the last two weeks in July.

Now let’s see what’s happening for your Sun sign in the July Money Horoscope:   [click here to read the July Money Horoscope for your Sun sign.]


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