Your July Money Horoscope

Your-July-Money-Horoscope-200Your Money Horoscope: Monumental Moves

The planets closest to us affect our personal lives, while the larger, outer planets affect the population in general. In your July Money Horoscope there are some monumental moves in motion both near and far.

One planet that seems to be constantly on the move is Mercury, and this month Mercury ends its second retrograde of the year on July 1. Mercury will occupy three signs this month, and that planet alone can constantly change the tone or your Money Horoscope. Your job in July is to stay steady and on-point where finances are concerned.

The Luckiest Day of the Year

The big news this month revolves around the planet of expansion and living large—Jupiter. It changes signs mid-month and moves from Cancer to Leo where it will be for the next year. A stellar day for everyone will be July 24 when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. Some astrologers consider this to be the luckiest day of the year.

Should you be feeling lucky? Let’s check out the July Money Horoscope for your Sun and Rising Sign [click here]

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