7 Reasons to Keep Your Independence While in a Relationship


Don’t Lose Yourself

When we enter into a relationship with someone, it’s natural to want to spend time with them. We want to share things about ourselves and learn about the other person as well. We get excited about making plans and experiencing things together – shopping, eating, watching movies, introducing them to friends, attending parties, etc. But while all of this newness is going on in your world, you may be making less time for friends or yourself – two things that are important to our personal growth and perspective. Everyone needs a little “me time,” and that’s why it’s important to retain some of your independence.

7 Reasons to Remain Independent While in a Relationship:

1. Girls need girl-time; guys need guy-time.
Part of life’s joy is having loving, healthy relationships with your BFFs. We’ve all witnessed the guy or girl who throws themselves completely into a relationship and essentially forgets their friends. If that happens, then your support system will likely … [keep reading]

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