Are They Gaslighting You? Here’s How to Tell!

gaslighting-you_20160615_600x385Manipulation and Control

“Gaslighting” is a term most-associated with the 1944 film-noir “Gaslight.” The film portrays the story of a husband who manipulates and controls his wife to the point where she doubts her own judgement. Before houses were electric, lights ran on gas. In the movie, the wife notices that a lot of strange things are happening at home—especially the gas lights which dim without being touched. Her husband tries to convince her that she is going mad; he is “gaslighting” her.

Gaslighting Defined
By definition, gaslighting is a slow and subtle, but very effective way to gain control over someone, and it’s more common than you might guess. This type of manipulation doesn’t just happen to women by their male partners; women can manipulate men in this way, as can partners, family members and friends. Sometimes the gaslighter convinces … [read more]

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