Your Money Horoscope: October 2016


Lifting the Veil Between You and Your Money

October’s always been a bit of a mysterious month, but no one likes a mystery wrapped around their finances. That’s why astrology can be such a great tool. Acting somewhat like a GPS, astrology can help you avoid obstacles as well as guide you towards opportunities. Your October Money Horoscope contains some financially challenging days, such as the Full Moon on the 15th where tensions can lead to money-related frustrations, the 19th where business partnerships may become unnerving and the 25th where you should take time to read all of that fine print before signing a contract.

However, there are a few good days as well, such as the 5th when the cosmic atmosphere is perfect for seeking financial advice and the 11th, 30th and 31st, where your creativity can pay off in a big way. Communications of all sorts—writing, speaking, social media and making presentations—will get you noticed. Travelling for business is favored on the last two days of October as well (even if it’s on a broom). In addition, both Saturn and Jupiter have a few surprises for some of you this month. Now let’s see what the October Money Horoscope has in store for your Sun sign: [click here to keep reading and get the forecast for your Sun Sign].


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