A Tribute to Jonathan Cainer

jonathan cainer

photo: cainer.com

Jonathan Cainer, one of my favorite astrologers passed away on Monday.  As a writer and lover of astrology, Jonathan’s words of wisdom always fascinated and inspired me.  He was as much a philosopher as an astrologer, which makes perfect sense since he was a Sagittarian – they are the philosophers of the zodiac.  His words often read like a story that made you look at yourself from the outside in and sometimes the inside out.  He offered wisdom without judgment – he gave objective interpretations of the stars in a way that made you self-reflect without judging yourself and he had a unique way of making you feel empowered even when the astrological outlook was less than promising.  “See the best and the beauty in all things” is the overall cosmic message that I got from Jonathan.

I learned so much about astrology through his words and teachings.  I was thoroughly saddened to hear of his leaving.  I learned of it today, Saturday, through an email from Planet Waves’ Eric Francis – another gifted astrologer that I found through Jonathan.  Eric was chosen many times to fill in for Jonathan writing his daily and weekly forecasts on Cainer.com while Jonathan explored the world – another Sagittarian trait.

jonathan cainer in london apartment

photo courtesy of PlanetWaves.com

In his email Eric points us to a horoscope written by Jonathan for the sign of Sagittarius that appeared in the Daily Mail, a UK paper that featured Jonathan’s horoscopes for years:

“On the day that Jonathan Cainer died, this horoscope appeared in the Daily Mail and newspapers around the world:

‘SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21) — We aren’t here for long. We should make the most of every moment. We all understand this yet don’t we forget it, many times? We get caught up in missions, battles and desires. We imagine that we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right – for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form? An elevated perspective is essential to a meaningful existence.’

“Jonathan, who left us unexpectedly Monday morning at age 58, was of course a Sagittarius (and Sagg rising, and Saturn). This was an unusually philosophical horoscope even for him, though that was his role: to be a kind of public philosopher and spiritual psychologist.”

As if that were not profound enough – remember, I told you that I just learned of his passing today, five days after the fact.  Why?  Because I’ve been incredibly bogged down with various work projects and obligations.  So, after reading Eric Francis’ piece on Jonathan, I decided to go to Cainer.com.  It was not unlike Jonathan to be prepared with horoscopes in advance of publishing, so I was hoping to read one of my last daily horoscopes as written by him – and here’s what I found for Friday (yesterday):

“Some professional people command a great air of authority yet there must be times when they are off duty and need no longer maintain such a stern demeanour. Indeed, we have to hope so for their families might not appreciate spending their leisure time with someone who was always serious and frosty. It is, of course, always important to respect rules but there comes a point where we have to decide not to let them bind us too tightly, if only for the sake of our sanity. Relax this weekend.”

Sometimes it seemed that Jonathan knew me better than I know myself, even though I never had the pleasure to meet him in person.  I do hope, however, that when my time comes, that I’ll get to meet the man who was and is still the inspiration behind my forecasts and my writings.

Rest in peace JC.


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