In the Stars – August 14

Tuesday, August 14

Venus in Cancer forms an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.  Wait before you commit to or finalize plans in love or money.  Venus may make a deal seem too good to be true and Pluto will prove that theory.  Anything agreed to now will turn out to be something that transforms into something else later.  That doesn’t mean if you get a proposal and you feel like saying yes, that you shouldn’t say it. 

Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in Libra.  If you’ve been watching the western sky at twilight, you may have noticed this conjunction forming, along with a very bright star called Spica.  Spica is a piece of corn held out in the hand of Virgo, the Harvest Goddess.  I just learned that from one of my favorite astrologers, Jonathan Cainer.

The cosmic warrior, Mars, urges you to move forward on plans you’ve been formulating, but karmic Saturn might feel a bit restricting.  It’s always good to pay attention to what the stars are saying (and your gut), especially where Saturn is concerned.  Not sure?  Hold off for a bit, if possible, and move your plans along towards the end of the week when the cosmic climate is a bit more conducive to new beginnings.  The good news?  Most plans and conclusions you arrive at during a Mars-Saturn conjunction turn out to be worth keeping. 

Stars in the Stars – Born Today, August 14

Happy Birthday Mom!

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