Full Moon in Libra

Express Yourself

I get it, I really do, why so many astrology articles I’m reading about this Full Moon are labeling it “difficult,” but then again, I don’t.  There’s a lot going on today, it’s true and starting at around 5:30 AM today (EDST) the Moon went to 100% full in Libra, the sign of partnerships.  Sometimes, partnerships symbolize our partnership with ourselves.  The Moon is opposite the Sun, that’s what makes it appear full – that’s nothing new.

The big news is Venus orbiting close to Uranus (Uranus was conjunct Mars just days ago) – making us feel a little wobbly – questioning things that exist in our lives on a personal scale.  Both Mars and the Full Moon will be at a hard angle to Pluto (part of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square grouping lasting from 2011-2017).

Without giving a lesson in astrology that gets all tech-jargon-like and tends to bore those who aren’t so much fascinated with astrology as they are fascinated with how it affects our lives, this Uranus/Pluto square is part of a much larger cycle – this is so closely related to the 1960s – a time of revolution, free-love and non-conformity with society’s rules.  This grouping is part of a much larger cycle.  It encompasses huge societal changes that affect us personally.

A lot of people, myself included, have had to either roll with the punches, step up to the plate or simply take a fresh look at their lives and their place as an occupant in changing times – it’s about reinvention of self.  If your life has changed in some way over the past few years, through no design of your own, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about.  It’s also possible that the status quo was just not fulfilling as it was.  The energy of my “former life” was constricting – somewhat straight-jacket-like and I was starting to feel the walls closing in.  Now, just a year later, my life if so completely different.  Some changes were heaved upon me, others I made myself.  While being somewhat freer to express myself and make my own way, there’s also that feeling you get when you’re in the 5th grade and you’re about to get on stage in a play – you’re unsure, a little scared even – and you get that “it’s now or never” feeling.

My advice (if you want it) is to challenge yourself to push past those feelings of trepidation and put worry on the back-burner – I know, easier said than done – but try to discover about yourself what makes you feel fulfilled and what you can do to be a synchronic part of this “new world,” while also still standing out in it.  If you’re going to make your mark on something, you have to step outside of it.

When I mention angles in my astrology articles, you can easily translate the word to “difficult,” but difficult is not impossible, it’s just challenging.  Ask yourself how you handle challenges.  Do you ignore them, worry mindlessly about them or do they prompt you to step outside of your box and maybe even re-invent your wheel of life.  Take a minute to think about it and how it makes you feel.  Trepidation can be a good thing if it makes you more aware of your surroundings and your relation to it – it’s only a bad thing if it makes you stop in your tracks and sends you running back into a familiar hole.

Don’t let the Full Moon scare you.  It’s just shedding a little light on the subject – and though there are aspects of this week’s astrology that may make you feel uncomfortable – that’s a good thing, at least that’s how I’m interpreting it.  Astrology is all about interpretation. That’s why you’ll read so many conflicting descriptions about current events.

Personally, there are many things which give me a feeling of “what now” and “what next.”  I’m really excited about the energy and I choose to use it as a catalyst, not as a portent of difficult waters ahead.  Remember, it’s not just the planets that influence our energy – our thoughts are just as powerful.

Well, more on this week’s AstroBuzz later today.  For now, I have a website to work on, a story idea that I need to give attention to, an article that’s due today which needs some editing and a little meditation to do about my next move.  Trust me on this one – If you knew how security-minded I’ve always been, how I ignored my passions in lieu of a well-earned paycheck – we’ll say, for many years – you would think a doppelganger took over my body.  I’m not the person I was just a few short months ago – and for the first time in my life, I’m being true to myself and my passions.  I haven’t fully embraced that concept yet, but it’s a process – what a ride!  I hope you feel the same about your own life now – be true to yourself – know that you can navigate the bumps in the road.   Don’t quit your job and join an ashram, unless that’s what you really want to do, but make a little room in your life to experience life in a way that makes you feel fulfilled and maybe helps others as well.  Life is short.

I want to take a minute to thank two of astrologers in my life – people I’ve followed for years who I’ve learned a tremendous amount from and who interpret the influences of the planets much the way I do and in a way that rings true to me:

Jonathan Cainer – Cainer.com

Eric Francis – PlanetWaves.net

If you get the chance, look them up.  Great Britain’s finest, Jonathan has this incredible way of relating to people, a unique writing style and he makes you draw your own conclusions about the influences of what’s going on in the sky.  He’s absolutely awesome.  Eric is an accomplished journalist and also the founder and editor of PlanetWaves.  He interprets current events as they relate to astrological influences.

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