Your May Money Horoscope

A Down-to-Earth Approach to Managing Your Money

All planets in Earth signs dominate the month of May including a very friendly New Moon in Taurus on the 6th which will conjunct with Mercury retrograde. It will slow progress in financial matters in the first week of your money horoscope, but will not grind them to a halt.

Is the Universe Moving Backwards?

With Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in retrograde at the beginning of May, it may seem as if the whole universe is moving backwards. It’s not! Jupiter and Mercury will turn direct on May 9 and 22, respectively. But the most positive aspect of this money horoscope is Venus in Taurus through the 24th. Venus rules Taurus and both are known for their ability to attract money and they share a love for of the finer things in life. With Venus in Taurus and Mercury in retrograde it would be best to accentuate the positive. Be a saver, not a spender, and you’ll likely end May with a smile.

To read your individual Sun Sign forecast for your money in the month of May, click here. This link takes you to my article’s home on’s blog.



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