5 Myths About Happy Couples

Demystifying the “Perfect” Relationship

Do happy couples really have perfect relationships? Despite the glimpses we may get into others’ lives, the truth is that we’re often not seeing the whole picture. None of us really know what goes on behind closed doors, and life is rarely fairy-tale perfect. The happy couples we see in life probably are happy, but that doesn’t mean they have perfect relationships. And the happy couples we see in the movies are living out their blissful existence as scripted from someone’s imagination. Here are five myths about happy couples that are absolutely false, and the truth behind the myths.

Myth #1: Happy Couples Never Fight
This may be true of some couples, but if so, it’s a rarity. Real couples fight. One key to a happy relationship is learning how to fight well—having empathy for a partner’s feelings and point of view, never letting it go too far or last too long, learning how to compromise and sometimes even giving in. Arguments can be productive when they bring troubles out into the open so they can be worked on together. When couples fight it’s important that each person feels safe to express themselves and feels that they are being heard and understood by their partner. Of course, the main goal is finding a resolution. Happy couples know this.

Myth #2: Happy Couples Do Everything Together
Happy couples may do a lot of stuff together, but they don’t always have to do [click here to keep reading]

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