Your November Money Forecast – 2014

November-Money-Horoscope-150Your Money Horoscope Heats Up With Fire Signs

With many of the planets shifting from water into fire signs, everyone’s November Money Horoscope will experience a change in the financial temperature, and here are a few days that everyone should note:

November 2 is a great day to fix and organize finances. On November 9 and 22 the planets make it all too easy to spend. Avoid the urge to splurge if possible (even if you think you can). If you need to enter into any contracts or sign loan documents, do so in the days before the 25th or after the 26th. The planets align for both shoppers and retailers on Friday the 28th—known as Black Friday in the U.S.—when you can burn through that holiday shopping list thanks to Mercury in Sagittarius.

Now let’s take a look at your November Money Horoscope! [Click here to read the forecast for your Sun Sign]

(By clicking the “click here” link above, you’ll can read the November Money Horoscope for your Sun Sign on the CaliforniaPsychics’ blog – yes, I wrote it – and  you’ll want to read it; I’m hoping you will.  And thanks for sharing.) 

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