How to Handle Aggressive and Controlling People

aggressive_controlling_people_150Don’t Let Aggressive and Controlling People Control You!

You know the type. They tell you what to do, talk over you, get in your face and try to own every situation. They’re aggressive and controlling people and they’re difficult to deal with. Sometimes, you can just cut them out of your life, but if you can’t you need to know how to deal with them. Try these tips and get them to back down!

Know Their Intentions

Before you go on the attack, make sure you know their intentions. Not all aggressive and controlling people have bad intentions. Sometimes they’re just passionate about something and they get carried away. They aren’t necessarily trying to belittle or intimidate you. They just think they know what’s best. If you feel like their intentions are good, but they’re overstepping their bounds, be polite and tell them, “Thanks, but no thanks.” But if you feel like they’re being overbearing, aggressive and controlling because they enjoy feeling powerful, you need to put them in their place.

Their Way is the Right Way

Have you ever met someone who thinks if you don’t follow their directions you’ll screw up? But everyone does things their own way and you need to remind this person that there is more than one way to get to the same outcome. Sure, they’ll lie in wait, hoping and waiting for you to fail, and when you succeed, they’ll be disappointed. But you know who won’t be disappointed? You! That’s because you proved them wrong.

They Try to Intimidate You

Is the aggressive and controlling person in your life the loudest person in the room? Do they huff, puff and make big gestures? This behavior is meant … [keep reading]

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