Your Weekly Money Horoscope for November 4-11, 2013

money-horoscope-november-4-150Your Money Horoscope: The Sky Above and How it Will Affect Your Finances

Any planet can affect your Money Horoscope—even when they’re not in a money-related astrological house. This week’s Money Horoscope holds some money-related implications for everyone—long- and short-term.

Venus moves into traditional Capricorn on the 5th. Here, she’s the discerning lover of the finer things in life that also serve a practical purpose.

Mercury comes to the end of its current retrograde state on Sunday. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief. Money matters begin to flow a little easier and life in general seems more clear-cut.

Of course, Mercury and Venus aren’t the only news this week, but they’re definitely the headliners. Super-lucky and financially savvy Jupiter also turns retrograde on Thursday.

Now let’s see what the universe has in store for your Money Horoscope this week:  [click here for your Sun Sign/Rising Sign Weekly Money Horoscope].

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