5 Ways to Master Your Work-Life Balance

Keep-Personal-Life-Drama-Affecting-Work-Life-150Your Work-Life Balance is Important!

We live in a three-dimensional world. We have a personal life, an ultra-personal life and, last but not least, a work life. And when those dimensions collide, as they sometimes do, it can mess up the work-life balance we’re always trying to maintain. So, how good are you at keeping your personal life drama from affecting your work life?

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Though it may not be uncommon to come home and talk about your stressful, annoying workday, most of us make a concerted effort to not indulge too often; we try to leave our work at work. We all know that too much “work talk” can take its toll on the sanctuary we enjoy at home and in our relationships. Certainly the same holds true in reverse, but maybe … [click here to keep reading]

First, thanks for visiting my blog; second, when you click the “click here to keep reading” link, you’ll be taken to my article’s home on the CaliforniaPsychics.com blog.  If you’re like me, you’re not big on surprises that’s why I’m letting you know what to expect.  I hope you like/share my articles and come back to my blog often – I just love having company.  Thanks. 🙂

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