Numerology: Find Your Soulmate

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What do you look for in a soulmate? Do they have to have a particular hair or eye color? Should they be in a certain age bracket? Let’s use numerology to find your soulmate on a deeper level.

What’s in a Number?

Numerology is based on dates and numbers that reveal certain aspects of our lives and it is also based on names and words that translate into numbers. All are used to interpret a person’s personality, karmic path, soul’s urge and many other facets of life. To find your potential soulmate, there are several numbers to look at, but the first number to start with is the Life Path number.

The Life Path number is found in your date of birth and it is the most notable of all the numbers in your numerology chart. And since it boils down the basics, wouldn’t it be nice to find a soulmate whose life path was compatible with yours?

How to Find Your Life Path Number:

Date of Birth 06/29/1982 (reduce to the smallest number except for master numbers, 11 and 22)
Month: 06 (0+6=6) = 6
Day: 29 (2+9=11) = 11*
Year: 1982 (1+9+8+2 = 20) (2+0=2) = 2

The full calculation is Month (6) + Day (11) + Year (2) = 19 ** (1+9 = 10) and (1+0) = 1

*(11 and 22 are master numbers and should not be reduced in this part of this calculation)
**(reduce number until reaching a single digit)

The Life Path Number for someone born on 6/29/1982 = “1”

Now perform this same calculation for someone you’re interested in or are already paired with. What do your numbers reveal?

If you want to read the rest of this article – click here – and see what the numbers mean.

13 thoughts on “Numerology: Find Your Soulmate

    • numerology can be an amazing tool for sure scarlet – as a matter of fact I’ve come to love and respect it almost more (dare I say) than astrology. but remember tools are like automobiles – it still needs you in the driver seat to make it really roll. that’s why I believe so much in positive thought and positive action – they’re the roads to positive success. i’ll be blogging more about that later. thanks for your comment – love comments! 🙂 have a great day.

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