One Lovely Blog Award

onelovelyblogawardWow, I’ve never had this happen before … if you could see me, I’m blushing.

Clarissa of Dishing it out with Clarissa sent me a “One Lovely Blog Award” nomination and I’m so humbled, honored, and hysterically happy.  Thank you Clarissa for this awesome honor.


Clarissa is a fantabulous writer, chef, creator and entrepreneur who should have her own TV show (Here me Food Channel?)  How do I know?  Even though we’ve never personally met, I can tell through her posts and comments that she’s just an awesome personality, with incredible enthusiasm, and she’s just a very sweet person – who is obviously super talented.

As I mentioned in my last post, every time I read Clarissa’s blog, I get hungry – she comes up with great ideas that look and taste fabulous – I know, because I made one of her dishes (I never told her that because I’d be too embarrassed, but I can trust you not to tell, right?).  Well don’t just take my word for it … go check her site out for yourself:

This is the best thing to happen to me since … well, yeah, we won’t go there.  Anyway …  ahem.

Like the precious jewel that it is, there is of course a certain responsibility that comes along with this nomination, title, honor – … Anyway, I’m all for tradition, especially if it makes others feel good, so here’s the scoop …

The rules for One Lovely Blog Award are very straightforward:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you (“Thanks Clarissa”);
  2. Link the post to their page, (I got ya’ covered girl);
  3. State 7 random facts about yourself; and
  4. Nominate those you feel are deserving of the award.

Here are seven things about myself . . .

  1. I was a tomboy when I was younger … dirt bikes, horses, archery anyone?
  2. I’m a Cancerian, I get homesick easily. (Packing as we speak – see ya’ South Carolina, I’ll miss you).
  3. I’m hate moving, yet I can’t seem to stop doing it.
  4. I’m a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and watch reruns weekly. (Was once secretly in love with Joss Whedon until I found out there was a Mrs. Whedon.)
  5. I have a secret stash of chocolate chips cookies in my jean drawer, just in case. (Is that bad?)
  6. I have two blogs and two twitters and I blame it on my Moon sign – Gemini, the Twins.
  7. If someone were to hand me the keys to a ’67 candle apple red Camaro with white leather interior … I would accept them gladly. (Anyone?)

And now … drumroll, please … it’s time to nominate some fellow bloggers.  This part is hard, because there are so many bloggers that I love … everyone who is mentioned here deserves to be nominated for their phenomenal creative talents, their passions – artists, foodies, writers, photographers, animal lovers, spiritualists, poets and just sharers of their day – I love all of you – but there are many more that I would like to recognize and share with everyone.  (“Into the Land of Snows” awesome)

I look forward to seeing your posts each day – photos, poems, stories, etc.  I could go on, but I just had to stop somewhere, so I’ll post links in another post because this is a great way to let the world know how awesome all of you bloggers are.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Clarissa of Dishing it out with Clarissa once again. 

And thank you to everyone who reads my articles and likes my photos, and everyone who shares a bit of themselves with the rest of us … you make my day, every day, you inspire me and bring a smile to my face – never stop sharing.

xo ~LJ

12 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

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  2. Now I’m blushing LJ…. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so thrilled you made a dish from one of my recipes… “clapping hands like a seal” what did you make? You can always email me if u prefer

    I really love reading your page, and the love advice cause i’m such a loser at guys…lol..

    • that’s funny, i had the clapping hands feeling when i got that nomination 🙂 as for relationships, i get most of my expertise from the mistakes I’ve made, so join the club. i do have models of excellent relationships in my life, just need more practical LOL. as for the food, i’ll never tell, because it would never come out exactly the way you intended, and i’d be embarrassed LOL (but it was good!) enjoy your sunday. you can email me too anytime – just in a rush this morning, ciao for now. LJ

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