Numerology: Your Personality Number

In the House of Knowledge

Imagine yourself in a mansion named Numerology with many rooms. You are holding a key chain full of keys. Each unlocks a door and behind each door are answers. One could be named Destiny, the next Karmic Path, but the first door to unlock is the one called Personality Number. This room is more like a reception area where you meet and greet visitors. On the wall, you see your logo that spells out your name and it reveals your personality as perceived by others. Knowledge is power and words are powerful—being able to unlock those doors through numerology is priceless.

Consonant Power

Your Personality Number is derived from the consonants (any letter other than the vowels: A, E, I, O and U) in your given name (first, middle and last). See the chart below for the letters and their numerical equivalents. … [keep reading]

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