Numerology: What’s Your Life Path Number?


Are you a 5, a 9 or maybe a 33? What’s your Life Path number and what does it say about you? In numerology, the answers are in the numbers. Through numbers, we can break down the patterns of the universe and uncover important information and key parts of your cosmic plan. Numerology can also give you the ability to recognize specific obstacles on your path in order to overcome them, enabling you to evolve as a person and a soul.

Your Life Path number is arguably the most significant in numerological terms, as it is a road map to your future—why you’re here, what you excel in, and how to use your talents to fulfill your destiny. It also tells you what you’re here to specifically learn in your lifetime: your strong points and even your weak points, which are very important to your soul’s evolution. If you want to get to know and understand yourself more deeply and find answers to big questions like why you’re here and what you’re meant to do in this lifetime, the answers can be revealed through numerology and your Life Path number.

The Life Path Numbers Explained

Life Path numbers run from 1 through 9. There are also Master Life Path numbers 11, 22 and 33, but unless you’re one of these three numbers, you’ll always reduce your numerical calculation to the lowest possible singular digit. So if you’re a “10,” then you would reduce to a “1” Life Path number (1 + 0 = 1).

Numerology calculations are very literal. In other words, if you come up with a 12, in order to reduce that to a single digit you would add 1 + 2 and your number would be 3. If come up with a 14, you would add 1 + 4 to equal 5, and so on.

Below you’ll find the formula to calculate your Life Path number. First, write down your birthday as shown in the example, again, reducing any double-digit number (with the exception of 11, 22 and 33) to its lowest possible single digit in the final calculation and find your Life Path number. Then read the corresponding explanation.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Example Birth date: December 24, 1987 or 12/24/1987

December is the 12th month of the year, so you would begin using number 12. November or 11 still gets reduced 1 + 1 = 2 (Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are used only in the final calculation.)

1. Each number—month, day, year—gets reduced to … [keep reading]

When you click on the “keep reading” link above, you’ll be taken the complete article, “Numerology: What’s Your Life Path Number” which resides on the blog – go on an calculate your Life Path and read the corresponding explanation.  Feel free to like/share/comment – it’s always nice to share! 

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