For All My (Tranformational) Author Friends – A FREE Share

I’ve spent the last day or so listening to some really powerful information about how to relay your message in a book, how to get an agent, how to publish an ebook, etc.  It’s a summit called (I’m not an affiliate, so no hidden sales here).  Actually it’s all FREE if you sign up – yes, they do have other levels of membership, but the program itself is FREE.

I recommend highly going here – it’s in it’s third stage but there’s still so much more to share – today there are three speakers:

Class 9: Nancy Jeutten – “Transform Your Boring Bio from “Wallpaper” to “Wow” to Attract Readers (and Clients) Now”
Class 10:  Gail Larsen – “How to Discover (and Tell) Your World-Changing Story”
Class 11:  Christine Kloser – “Building a Rock Solid Foundation for Your Book”  (Christine is the host of the summit)

Take a look at – see if it has stuff that interests you.  I believe if you are a writer or want to write a book someday, get your author site going, run a podcast – you’ll glean a lot of important information from experts who are giving this stuff away.

I’m getting a lot of important information from it and I hope you will too.

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