Who is in my Soul Group?

Hint: You’ve Met Them Before
To find your soul group, you need only look as far as your family, your friends and people you meet in life. You likely incarnate with many of the same souls in your group over many lifetimes. Your brother may have once been your daughter, or your mother may have once been your sister, but each of them is not only experiencing life with you, but you are all learning for the benefit of the soul group collective. Each person you interact with who is within your soul group has an impact on your life in both huge and subtle ways.

Soul Groups and Incarnations
When we are in our soul groups, we formulate our plans for incarnation. We pick the people/souls we will meet in life and make them part of our group. These are the people who will help us along our path of learning—our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, mentors and even someone who cuts us a break from time to time.

The purpose of incarnation is to develop and learn lessons in life—lessons that help us grow on a soul level and also elevate the vibration of the soul collective or the soul group. Each vibrational level brings us closer to our Source of all … [keep reading]

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