In the Stars – the Weekend Edition (Sept 15-16 2012)

New Moon in Virgo

Saturday, there a New Moon in Virgo.  You know what they always say, “New Moons, new beginnings.”  Magical things happen when the Moon is New and it’s a perfect time to tell the Universe your secret wishes.  This isn’t the Harvest Moon, which is a Full Moon, yet it is in the house of the Harvest Maiden and she’s there to guide your wishes to the Powers that Be to make sure they’re all heard before autumn begins.

Mercury Enters Libra

On Sunday, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra.  Mercury is not as home in Libra as it was in Virgo and while the planet of communication transits into the sign of partnership, you might find difficulty in getting your point across to partners.  Be sure to be clear if you want to be understood, but also be mindful of the Uranus-Pluto energy – don’t say something you’ll regret later.   Just keep cool and try to enjoy the weekend.

Read about the Upcoming Uranus-Pluto Square: click here

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