The Weekly Planets and Stars – Week of September 10-16, 2012


Monday:  The week starts off with a Mercury-Sun conjunction in Virgo lending a boost to our analytical side of life – you’ll be coming up with innovative ideas and working out problems with ease that might have once seemed too complicated to make sense of.  We also start the week with the Moon in Cancer, its home base.  The Moon in Cancer will give you focus on home and family matters.  If you’ve wondered how to handle a certain situation concerning home or family, the Mercury-Sun conjunction will help you come up with some unique approaches to old problems.

Tuesday:  “Patriot’s Day” – 9/11 Remembrance Day – The Moon in Cancer puts our thoughts on the people who are important in our lives and others who have touched us in special ways.

Wednesday through Thursday:  Venus in Leo forms a special angle to Uranus in Leo.  When the planet of love, money and beauty meets the planet of unexpected events, anything is possible, especially in love.

Saturday:  There’s a New Moon in Virgo.  New Moons mean new beginnings.  Starting today and through the next two weeks it’s a great time to start something new – whether it’s a new project, a new romance, a new financial plan all depends on your Sun sign – but you should have a natural feel for areas that need a fresh start.

Sunday:  Mercury enters Libra, the sign of partnership.  Mercury will assist in all communications especially having to do with personal or professional partnerships.  Send out resumes, start a partnership, or profess you love to that special someone.

It’s a really great, energetic week – write down your dreams and let them be a clue to areas of your life that could use some innovative approaches.

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