Love and Date a Virgo

love-date-virgo-150Dispelling the Virgo Myths

There are many myths about what a true Virgo is like, but that’s just because they’re so difficult to describe in a few simple words. This is the sign of the sexy, but discerning maiden of the harvest—not the virtuous and untouchable virgin. Some Virgos may seem contained and unapproachable, but Virgo desires a deep, down-to-earth connection with someone special.

Date a Virgo

Dating a Virgo can be like dating someone with x-ray vision and an X-rated mind. If you’re dating a Virgo, the most important thing is to be yourself—at all times. Virgos have an uncanny ability to discern deception, phoniness and insincerity better than a well-trained government agent.

If you’re playing games with them, they may find pleasure in the sport for a while, but they already know that the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Despite their compassionate side, they’ll view your dating life as an interesting observation of human behavior and then drop you when the “real thing” comes along.

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Virgos also have a secretive side. Beneath that cool, got-it-together suit they wear in public is a sensually expressive and somewhat wild soul. Despite outward appearances, they long for someone to … [keep reading]

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