Earth Day

field of wishesIt’s Earth Day Every Day

Earth and the Elements

We spend a lot of time studying the planets and affects  their transits have on our lives.  We stand upon the Earth and observe the world around us.  Today is a special day when we remember the  planet that supports our very lives as human beings, as Earthlings. 

The Earth feeds us and quenches our thirsts, not only with  its elements of Earth and Air, Water and Fire, but it feeds our souls with its  beauty.  It keeps us grounded in humility and holds us in awe of the life it supports with its nurturing nature. 

The Earth’s Soul

From the smallest seed to the widest panoramic view of the  infinite universe, from the tiniest seahorse to the vast expansiveness of the  deepest oceans, Earth is our planet.

Earth is Fire and Water inside and out, it is the Earth we walk on, and  the Air around us.  Each of these  elements are powerful alone, magical together.  Each has the ability to destroy and sustain.  It is when we stop to appreciate it, not in a  moment, but in every moment, that it is its most powerful, giving and  supportive.  And because of all it is to  us, we should give back in return the love and respect it deserves, not just on  Earth Day, but every day.   

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