5 Shock Treatment Therapies to Stimulate Your Sex Life

Get Closer, Get Healthier and Get Busy

Can a good sex life lead to better overall health?  According to a WebMD.com feature article, regular sex with your partner has some fascinating health benefits that include more intimacy and togetherness, reduced stress levels, burned calories and increased endorphins (better than a trip to the gym).

Boredom in the Bedroom

Regular sex with your partner doesn’t have to mean boring, predictable, missionary-position sex every Wednesday night and sometimes on holidays.  Boring sex is a recipe for disaster in a relationship, and chances are if you’re bored, so is your partner.  Boredom in the bedroom can lead to all sorts of problems in a relationship including arguments over nothing, lack of communication, lack of confidence, feeling undesirable and worst of all, temptation to cheat or seek other modes of satisfaction.  Don’t let your relationship die out; recharge it with these 5 shock treatment therapies that are sure to stimulate your sex life and … [read more]

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