Snag Him With Sexting

Are You That Type of Girl?

Have you ever considered sexting to spice up your sex life? What is sexting? Well if you know how to text and you know how to be flirty and suggestive, you have all the ingredients needed to be a world-class sexting (s)expert.

A stimulating sex life is the key to intimacy in a thriving relationship, and you don’t have to be a tri-athlete to have a fulfilling sex life. All you need is a little imagination and enthusiasm for heating things up in the bedroom (or any room). You can dress in sexy lingerie, try a little role playing, maybe add a few toys to the game, but if you want the fun and games to flourish beyond the bedroom and beyond the times when you’re physically together, sexting is a great way to both spice up your sex life, and keep you in the forefront of your lover’s mind.

Novice/Virgin Sexting

Sexting doesn’t have to be raunchy, just solicitous. Reminisce about an intimate moment you’ve shared and how you can’t wait to do it again. Evoking memories of passion by sexting can only lead to more moments of passion. If you have a secret language with your honey, by all means, use it. In this vein, a commercial for “KY” comes to mind, where the wife asks the husband, “Did you put cinnamon in the dessert last night?” They both smile. He replies, “Yes, and … (keep reading)

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