Change Your Sex Karma

What is Sex Karma?

Karma is something you accumulate, good or bad, throughout each incarnation, and yes, you even accumulate sex karma. When you’re in a sexually karmic relationship, the intensity is palpable and your behavior can sometimes border on obsessive. Are you in love or are you just obsessed? Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 has the answer!

According to, you have a choice when it comes to sex karma. You may recognize a karmic attraction before you enter into it and you can choose to not engage in it at all. However, once you start, you can’t stop—it must be seen all the way through. It’s as though you’ve signed some agreement that says, “Okay, I’m in this now and I have to follow it through to the end.” As the Web site mentions, “You may be hating it, you may be loving it, but you really can’t stop.” If you’re in a sex karma relationship it can be that powerful.

Is Sex Karma the Same as True Love?

In a sex karma relationship, it’s quite possible to not even particularly like the person you feel so driven to have sex with. Sometimes though, it’s intense and dramatic and it gives you all the butterflies and tingly sensations …[keep reading]

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