Why Women Don’t Marry Their Best Sex Partners

She Won’t Marry the Bad Boy

Are Hot Sex and Relationship Sex Mutually Exclusive?

While the sex factor is an important part of any romantic relationship, many women say they didn’t marry their best sex partner, at least according to a recent iVillage.com survey. While the women surveyed said they were quite content with the sex in their current relationship, they admitted it just wasn’t the hottest sex they’ve ever had, and in fact, most were perfectly content to get more sleep or read a book in lieu of sex.

So What Makes Hot Sex the Best Sex?

If most women were to review their best sex moments throughout life, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that friends-with-benefits sex, sex performed in non-traditional settings (like the conference room table at work) and sex with a “bad boy” would all rate at the top of their list of best sex encounters. Hot sex is often sex we have that has no ties, no strings and no attachments. We can be as naughty as we want to be with no judgments and no repercussions (hopefully). It’s the danger factor that elicits that excitable … [continued]

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