Quit Your Job Using This Step-by-Step Guide


Exiting Your Employment on Good Terms

Do you want to quit your job? Have you gone as far as you can go, professionally? Are you ready for something new? Have you already received a better offer? Perhaps your partner got a new job in another state and you’re going with them, or maybe you hate your job so much that you can’t stomach it one more day. Regardless of your reason for leaving, there is a right way and a wrong way to quit your job. Exiting on good terms is just the classy thing to do, whether you’re looking for a reference or recommendation or not. Here’s how to do it.

Give Notice

When you’re ready to quit your job, the first thing you need to do is give notice. The standard is two weeks, but depending on what’s waiting for you, you may not be able to give so much time. And your employer may choose not to take it. They may have you escorted out of the building that day—especially if you work for a company that handles sensitive information or if you hold a high-level position there. Just make sure that you’re prepared—emotionally, physically and financially—to quit your job before you actually do it.

Write Your Letter of Resignation

You might want to have this ready before you give notice. In it, include your intended last day. You can find plenty of good examples of resignation letters on the Internet. It should be concise [keep reading]

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