Astrology: The Signs and Qualities of a Mother’s Love


Astrology’s View of Motherhood

If you’re about to become a mother or you’re just looking for the deeper meaning of why your mother said and did the things she did, then here’s an astrological look at how a mother shows her love. Let’s take a look at you mother’s fourth house—the house that represents family and home—to see where your mother got her parenting style from.

Interestingly, it seems that all the signs benefit from the influence of another sign that is unlike their own in many ways, and in some cases, the complete opposite. However, what they all do have in common is that their Sun sign is the same “quality” as their Motherhood sign—Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. In other words, the initiators, the maintainers or the preparers.

Click here to read each astrological sign’s Motherhood profile.


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