5 Painful Decisions That Can Make Your Relationship Better

X-Painful-Decisions-That-Can-Make-Your-Relationship-Better-150Painful Decisions Can Strengthen Your Love Life

Some decisions come easier than others. Other come with a price and sometimes we have to make painful decisions. If you had to make a painful decision in order to make your relationship better, would you do it?

Some Pain, Some Gain

Life is a series of decisions. From the mundane to the monumental, we have to make decisions every day. When it comes to relationships, the goal is to always make them better. The goal is to grow together and growth can be painful sometimes. But if you and your partner struggle together—if you make the tough, painful decisions together—your bond will grow stronger.

Some decisions are more painful than others. Let’s explore the decisions you may have to make in your relationship and why or how much they hurt.

Painful Decisions That Hurt a Little 

Breaking a bad habit: Bad habits are hard to break. Let’s say your bad habit is smoking. Your partner knew you smoked when you met, and it was their least favorite thing about you. They wish you’d quit, so they ask you to. But asking is the easy part! You’re the one who has to stop smoking and quitting is very, very hard. But if you do quit smoking (or whatever your bad habit is), the rewards will outweigh the pain you feel while you’re quitting. You’ll feel better, look better, have more money in your pocket and your partner will kiss and hug you more.

Cutting back on spending: It’s a good idea to save your hard-earned money for the things you want down the road. Whether it’s a house, kids or a solid retirement fund, saving money when all you want to do is spend it, can be a bit painful. But if you and your partner have shared goals, you both need to sacrifice to make them happen. A little pain now is well worth achieving a certain level of comfort in the future.

Painful Decisions That Hurt a Lot

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