3 Signs They’re Trying to Steal Your Job

Are Buzzards Circling Your Desk and Trying to Steal Your Job?

If someone’s gunning for your job (unfortunately, they prsigns_steal_job_300obably are), you need to be armed and ready to fire back against this very real threat. In fact, in this (still) difficult job market—an aftermath of the recent recession, foreign market competition and even technology—jobs (wonderful, crumby or otherwise) are a sought-after commodity that people are clamoring for. Here are three signs someone is trying to steal your job and what you can do about it.

Your New Office BFF

You’ve been at the company for months or years and that coworker who barely says a word to you suddenly wants to be your best friend. Now they’re asking you to lunch or inviting you out for drinks after work. Don’t be fooled by the new BFF! They’re not your “Best Friend Forever;” they’re your new “Best … [click here to keep reading]

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