5 Ways We Reject Love and How to Stop

Do You Unconsciously Push Love Away?

When it comes to love, are you afraid of getting what you really want? As crazy as it sounds, we often sabotage our own best efforts to take that next leap into the future, whether it’s for a job, a personal goal or even a relationship. We’re either afraid of getting it or we convince ourselves that we don’t deserve it. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or you’re already in one, you might be surprised to learn the countless ways people unconsciously push love away despite their deep desire to connect with someone special. Let’s take a look at five ways people reject love and how to stop doing it. Are you a love rejecter?

According to Psychology Today, there are five main behaviors we exhibit that push love away. They are:

  1. Withholding affection
  2. Shutting down our emotions
  3. Being overly critical of a partner
  4. Disrespecting a partner
  5. Picking fights (usually for no reason)

How many of us have done at least one of those things to someone we care for? I’m willing to admit it; I’m guilty.  [Want to read more … click here.]

By clicking the link above, you’ll be magically transported to my article’s home on the CaliforniaPsychics.com blog.  Enjoy!

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